Hornady Lock-N-Load Electronic Powder Scale & Dispenser 1000 Grain Capacity

Hornady Lock-N-Load Electronic Powder Scale & Dispenser 1000 Grain Capacity
Hornady Lock-N-Load Electronic Powder Scale & Dispenser 1000 Grain Capacity
Hornady Lock-N-Load Electronic Powder Scale & Dispenser 1000 Grain Capacity
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Speed and efficiency save time and money. With the introduction of the Hornady® Lock-N-Load™ Auto Charge,™ we have combined both in one extremely accurate system. This unit is quick to setup, easy to use, and exceptionally precise to within 0.1 grains, and has a scale capacity of 1000 grains – and designed to be much easier to use than the competition.
An easy-to-use keypad coupled with a large, easy-to-read backlit display, automatic & manual dispense options, trickle function, three speed settings, overcharge protection, and easy clean out make this the single most effective powder measure on the market. When it comes to the competitors, there aren’t any who measure up!

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Hornady Lock-load

By Ronald J. on Aug 15, 2018
I used this item for a coupla years with no problems; until my house burned down and the item with it. So I ordered another ASAP.


By Michael D. on Mar 15, 2015
I read many negative reviews but then saw one in operation and it worked fine. Ordered one for myself and had lots of problems...mostly overcharges. I fought with it for a couple months then it started "freezing up". Sent back to Hornady for repair/replacement in January. It's now mid March and I'm still without the scale/dispenser. Not a happy customer.

works great and saves time

By David H. on Sep 04, 2014
I purchased this after reading all reviews of this product, I load a lot of charges with IMR 4895 powder and its always been tricky for me to get exact loads with powder droppers and usually end up measuring and weighing this powder by hand,On the very first charge it was over by 2 grains of powder and seemed to be missing the target load with almost every charge, I called Hornady Tech support and they told me how to adjust the settings on the machine to advance or decrease the dispensing tube rotation. I since have had no over charges in fact it slows down and trickles just enough powder towards the end to make the target charge exact, I am very glad that I purchased this machine.

Works great for me

By Roger R. on Dec 26, 2012
Received one as a gift, poured in H4198 and typed in the grain load and started loading, works perfect, no overloads as some has had trouble with. Great Product, Thanks Hornady!!!

Save your money

By Craig H. on Aug 11, 2012
I have one of these, the first one would not calibrate and was replaced by Hornady under warranty. The second one after repeated trys to adjust it utilizing the instructions provided by Hornady tech support still fails to dispense 4064 (my preferred powder for 243) in measures smaller than I could throw with a shovel. When set 2 grains low it still consistently overthrows the charges.

Nice powder dispenser

By Richard G. on May 24, 2012
I looked at all the competition and liked the features of the Hornady best. It's light weight with a minimal footprint compared to the competitors. Measurements are generally accurate and consistent with an occasional overage which requires dumping the load back into the cylindrical hopper and re-dispensing. For $200 this is worth the money.
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