BPI OVERSHOT CARD 12ga .03"/.74"-Dia. 500/BAG

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BPI OVERSHOT CARD 12ga .03"/.74"-Dia. 500/BAG
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Product Information

Place an overshot card on top of the shot charge just before crimping. Overshot cards ensure flatter, tighter crimps; more consistent load combustion and pellet containment. Besides the benefits of a proper crimp, overshot cards do the critical work of containing pellets within the shotcup during the firing cycle and during the journey through your shotgun's barrel. Recommended for all high performance loads.

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Overshot Cards

By John Harold A. on Nov 28, 2018
I don't necessarily use these to adjust load height. I load a lot of old 2 1/2" shells for my old Damascus guns and roll crimp them all. Of course you have to have some kind of overshot card to do that. These are great, as you can take a sharpie and do lettering on them. Much nicer than the ones I cut myself.

Great overshot cards

By Steve T. on Nov 15, 2018
These are sturdy little cards that have come in handy when the wad is slightly too tall or the charge shot weight is a little aggressive. Also some plastic hulls leave a small gap in the center large enough for small shot to escape. I always keep them around.
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