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The Lock-Out Die detects a “no powder” or a “double charge” condition in the progressive reloading process. It locks up, halting the travel of the ram, alerting the reloader to the problem so the cause can be corrected. For use with straight-wall pistol calibers, 9mm and larger, and only on progressive reloading presses.

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RCBS lockout die

By Ray T. on Oct 22, 2020
Safety is my utmost goal with using a progressive press. With the use of the lockout die, it can only improve my safety.

Peace of mind when loading on a progressive press

By David G. on Dec 12, 2018
I recently upgraded to a 5 station progressive press. With so much happening on each pull of the lever I wanted to automate checking powder levels in each case. I selected this powder check die because it does not rely on a visual indicator when the powder level is too low or too high. It halts the press by stopping the mischarged case from entering the die. Easy to setup, and install.
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