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Features: micrometer metering chamber, large capacity clear powder reservoir, clear “See thru” drop tube, and standard 7/8”–14 thread to fit cast mounting bracket (included). Includes Universal Metering Chamber. Charging range approx. 5 to 100 grains.

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It is a good measure

By Tim C. on Dec 23, 2014
Over 45 years of reloading I have used or been involved with nearly every powder measure offered on the market. That said, let me assure the reader this powder measure is no better and no worse than any other. What it does have is a heavy drum that allows, or should I say greatly aids, one in attaining a constant repetitive charge stroke. Being consistent in your stroke is 90% of getting a repeatable constant charged case. This may or may not be critical to you but it is not to me since I also weight every power charge. What I can say is that this measure will give you repeatable charges at ± one grain if you do your part. This unit is built tough and with care will last you many, many years.

I would caution the buyer to read the instructions that come with this powder measure and take to heart the section that tells you to clean all metal parts with a degreaser before using. This is critical to using the measure. I would also add, you need to purchase the REDDING POWDER BAFFLE for 3/3BR/BR30 MEASURES. I would also suggest you wipe the powder reservoir with an anti-static dryer sheet before using. This will keep your powder from sticking to the reservoir and aid you in throwing uniform charges.
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