SIERRA 303(.311)180gr SPT BULLET PROHUNTER 100/bx

SIERRA 303(.311)180gr SPT BULLET PROHUNTER 100/bx
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Product Information

These bullets utilize the nominal 30 caliber dimensions common to the martial arms of several foreign entities. Most of these have found their way to the United States as either war trophies or were imported as military surplus in recent years. These include the British Lee-Enfields, the late-war Japanese Arisakas, the Russian Moisin-Nagants, SKS and AK-47s and their various clones from former Soviet bloc countries. The cartridges associated with these weapons are the 303 British, the 7.7mm Arisaka, the 7.62x54R and, of course, the ubiquitous 7.62x39mm. Most of these guns use a .311" diameter projectile but it is prudent to slug the bore if any doubt exists. Given the wartime production conditions and occasionally questionable pedigrees of some of these rifles, this procedure is a worthwhile investment. Many of these rifles are capable of delivering decent accuracy and are powerful enough to serve for use on big game.

This bullet adds some much needed versatility to these often overlooked but very capable cartridges for hunting. Positive feed characteristics are required for all semi-automatic rifles using the 7.62x39mm cartridge, and Sierra's profiled ogive point shape provides flawless functioning. The 180 grain #2310 bullets both has Sierra's unique double taper heavy jacket and Spitzer profile. They have excellent accuracy, together with deep penetration and excellent expansion on medium and large game. The Spitzer shape provides a flat trajectory and high energy delivered downrange. These bullets are suitable for all of the larger .311 inch diameter service cartridges, such as the 303 British, 7.7mm Arisaka and 7.65mm Mauser.

This is not loaded ammunition.


WARNING: This product can expose you to Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to -

Technical Notes

Ballistic Coefficient: 0.411

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Awesome in Finnish M39

By Charles N. on Nov 07, 2020
These are the preferred bullet for use in my Finnish M39 Mosin Nagant. Happily, Graf's had them in stock.

SIERRA 303(.311)180gr SPT

By Wil P. on Mar 10, 2020
These loaded perfectly in my 1909 Argentine Mauser and DO NOT miss at 200 yards. No separation and great weight retention.

Sierra 180 Gr. Pro-Hunter .311 dia. bullet

By Michael L. on Apr 14, 2018
I use these in a scoped 91/30 and two scoped M39 Mosin rifles. All three rifles have a bore diameter of .3105. All three rifles will produce one-inch groups at 100 yards using these bullets and Varget powder. These bullets are very effective on deer size game. Although the 174 gr. Sierra match king bullet might be a little more accurate it is a target bullet and not designed to take game. Mosin barrel diameters can vary so for the best accuracy and safety, you need to slug your barrel bore to determine what the bore diameter is so you can match the bullet diameters.
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