Forster Co-Ax Single Stage Reloading Press with B-5 S-Jaws

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Forster Co-Ax Single Stage Reloading Press with B-5 S-Jaws
Forster Co-Ax Single Stage Reloading Press with B-5 S-Jaws
Forster Co-Ax Single Stage Reloading Press with B-5 S-Jaws
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Product Information

No need to complicate the reloading process. The Co-Ax® Reloading Press keeps it simple while still delivering famous Forster precision.

The Forster Co-Ax® Reloading Press comes with several unique features that help make it truly one of a kind, including:

Snap-in and snap-out die changing. You can actually change from sizer die to seater die in two seconds!

  • A positive spent primer catcher system which passes all spent primers and dirty carbon through a tube and into a container. That helps keep all working parts free of dirt and abrasives.
  • Dual floating guide rods to help ensure perfect alignment.
  • Because there is absolutely no torque on the head of the Co-Ax® Reloading Press, long life is the rule rather than the exception. Due to the design of the linkage and pivots, all forces are in equilibrium whether the press is at maximum work load or at rest.
  • Our Co-Ax® Reloading Press has three times the mechanical advantage of an ordinary "C" press. It's so effortless, full length sizing can actually be accomplished by operating the handle of the press with the little finger! There's no pain but plenty of gain.
  • The Co-Ax® Reloading Press delivers perfect alignment of the die and the case because the shell holder jaws are designed to float with the die, thereby permitting the case to center precisely in the die.
  • With no frame supports or swinging primer arms to interfere or cause an obstruction, the Co-Ax® Reloading Press provides plenty of elbow room for both right handed or left handed operators.
  • The Co-Ax® Reloading Press accepts any standard 7/8" X 14 reloading die, some with existing locking rings. We recommend Forster Cross Bolt Die Lock Rings.
  • The unique top priming device seats primers to factory specifications. The seater is always at right angles to the case head. Primers will not flip or tip. They will be seated straight, level and at a uniform distance below the case head. Primers cannot be crushed, nor will they protrude from the case head and cause premature firing.
  • The top of the stroke provides a rock solid stop for consistency.
  • Includes “S” jaws to fit most calibers. “LS” jaws are available separately.

Check out this Great Infographic from Forster about the Co-Ax Press!

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Read 18 Reviews - Average Rating: 5 stars


By Herbert M. on Apr 24, 2020
What a jewel. Not only does it create extremely consistent ammo, but the effort it takes to set up and use is much less than the other two presses i've gone through. Just buy it!

This is my 5 press and I love it.

By Donald E. on Apr 18, 2020
My 1st step up was RCBS Summit which i still have it’s a nice press but it’s not a co ax. I started with the RCBS jrII and had a Lyman 6 stage. This Forster co ax is worth the hype, it is so smooth. Every time I walk in the reloading room I smile with pride looking at my co ax. There is a reason they are back ordered everywhere.

Just order one!

By Jason F. on Apr 18, 2020
I load on a Dillon 550, & a RCBS R/C. This Forster press is super smooth & compact, & worthy of all the hype it receives. I will now use my R/C as a dedicated bullet puller only! I outfitted mine with everything Inline Fabrication has for the Co-Ax & it couldn't be better now.

Great Single Stage Press

By Richard N. on Mar 04, 2020
I have owned many presses over the years and the Forster Co-Ax is very impressive. I use it for some heavy duty re-sizing and it is easy to setup, easy to change dies, and results in accurate cases due to the self-alignment.

I like everything about it!!

Hard to get for. a reason!

By Chris C. on Feb 25, 2020
Well worth the wait. It is so much faster and more precise for switching calibers.

Believe the Hype... Worth the Wait

By Mike H. on Nov 04, 2019
This is my first single stage press so I don't have anything to compare it to, other than my "Blue" progressive press - which I really like as well. I was looking for as much precision as "I" could muster. For 6.5 Creedmoor precision loads, I now use the progressive for brass prep and this beauty, for consistent primer seating and, along with the Forster Micrometer Seating Die, bullet seating to 1/2 thou. Very happy with the setup.

Excellent Press!

By Jeremiah H. on Sep 18, 2019
I could not be happier with this press. The fit and finish are amazing . Everything is tight no slop anywhere. Money well spent!

Precision press

By Richard H. on Sep 12, 2019
I upgraded to the co axe recently and couldn’t be more impressed, I have a Hornady and a lee press that I’m just gonna use for recapping and swagging primer pockets. The leverage you get from the co axe is beyond compare, the dies and shell holder kinda float for precision alignment in bullet seating operations, I would highly recommend the Forster dies to go with it, if you want precision ammo, don’t hesitate to buy one, if it’s stock.

Forster Co-Ax single stage press

By Donald D. on Sep 10, 2019
Great product! It lives up to the hype!

Love my Co-Ax

By Butch C. on Sep 06, 2019
A friend of mine tried to talk me into buying a Rock Chucker, well I am so glad I did not listen. When I set up the Foster Co-Ax, he came by to check it out. Well all it took was one time full length resizing 6.5 Creedmoor brass. He could not believe how much leverage it had, and the ease of changing dies once set. He is about to order him a Co-Ax. I love it.

Simple and accurate

By Dave K. on Jul 29, 2019
What more can you ask for? Nothing!


By Frank S. on Jul 29, 2019
I use to think my trusty Rock Chucker was the holly grail of presses. Then I found the Redding T-7. Well there's a new sheriff in town now that makes my other two presses wonder why they don't get any love anymore. My Chucker is nothing but bullet pulling duty now and my T-7 had pistol duty. But for all my rifle loading its nothing but my new Co-Ax. What an engineering marvel. It is by far both Top Shelf and award winning with .001 - .002 run outs. And I can't say enough for Graf & Sons either. I will be doing more business with them in the near future but folks, buy this press and give Graff a shot at it.

Forster CoAx

By Alex T C. on Jul 01, 2019
So glad I pulled the trigger and took advantage of Graf & Sons price and availability for this press. I have used a Rock Chucker for 40+ years along with an arbor press. They still will have small places for a very few jobs but for the lions share of my center fire reloading I have a great new tool.

This thing is Sweet !!!

By James S. on Jun 28, 2019
I really got lucky and found Graf's had a few in stock. After reading all the great reviews, i got on all the distributors and
waited. Forster said they are making these presses as fast as they can.
Get in line and get you one. Graf's shipping and packaging was great, arrived with no damage. I love Graf's.

Excellent Press

By Michael J. on Jun 06, 2019
I couldn't be happier with this purchase. I love the shell holding feature on the co-ax and how the co-ax retains the dies. This press also requires minimal effort in the resizing process.

What a difference!

By Kent P. on Apr 05, 2019
I tried some other single stage presses, and this is by far the best in my opinion. Very low effort required.

Great press!

By Lester W. on Mar 22, 2019
I've been reloading with a Rockchucker over 40 years. This press requires much less effort. I also really like the universal shell holder. It lets your brass float along with a floating die. This promotes a loaded round with very little run out.

Best Single Stage Press

By Michael S. on Mar 21, 2019
You will not find a better single stage press! I use this press for precision rifle loading! Graf & Sons offered me a great price and fast shipping.
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