Lee Powder Measure Auto Drum

Lee Powder Measure Auto Drum
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Product Information

New for 2020, now includes Powder Measure Bottle Adapter

Automatic case actuated drum powder measure. Accurately and automatically dispense powder in your favorite cartridge. Two infinitely adjustable drums included. These Quick Change drums will accurately and reliably drop charges from 1 to 80 grains of powder.

  • Case actuated; never spill a charge.
  • Exclusive elastomer wiper prevents powder shearing, works great with difficult metering extruded powders.
  • Machined body with labyrinth groove mates to the precision molded nylon drums providing a leak free fit with the finest powders.
  • Drum is actuated by a steel sector and pinion gear train.
  • Quick-change hopper has on/off valve to quickly change powders.
  • Sleek modern design, all gears springs and levers inside the die cast housing.
  • Features swivel adapter, makes moving measure fast and convenient.

Read 7 Reviews - Average Rating: 4.3 stars

Finicky, fragile, and high maintenance

By David B. on Jan 23, 2022
The nylon drum binds in the housing unless the tensioning screw is set to a very precise range. Also, the drum needs regular applications of dry graphite lube to keep from binding, and you have to watch it closely to make sure the drum is always fully rotating. I'm not wild about a critical safety component, the actuator cut-off, being made of very flimsy plastic. I don't like the bait-and-switch where you need to buy 2 additional components to use this on your press. On the upside, this measure produces very consistent charges when it's all adjusted and working, it doesn't seem to leak, and the quick-change hopper works brilliantly and makes emptying the hopper very easy.

Great Powder Measure

By Fredrick W H. on Jul 28, 2020
Just got one of these it has been something I have been looking at for a while. Got it mounted on my Lee Classic Turret press it works terrific, load is easy to adjust and is very accurate. I did encounter a problem with it leaking Ramshot Enforcer powder so I pulled the drum out to take a look at it everything looked fine so I put some graphite on it and the housing, started back up and same problem as I was taking the the drum screw out again I noticed the shaft on the drum was even with where the drum screw goes in,stopping the drum from being pulled into the housing a little further so I took a file and filed off about a 16th of an inch of the drum shaft put it back together and it stopped leaking completely. As far as emptying it when you are done I just take the whole turret off the press tip it upside down ,tap the housing with a wooden dowel a few times and you are good to remove the hopper after you turn it off. I still gave it 5 Stars because it works so well and would recommend it to anyone.

Lee auto drum

By Harry S. on May 14, 2020
Works perfectly. I'm reloading so much faster now.

A must for your turret press

By Paul H. on Nov 19, 2018
I purchased this measure as part of my upgrade from the Lee Challenger Breech Lock press to their Classic Turret, and couldn't be happier. Yes, there is a bit of a learning curve, but I am making ammo in a third of the time it took on my single stage press. This measure works beautifully, and I have already ordered additional drums for the powders I use regularly.

Loving It

By Ronald W. on Oct 17, 2018
I have looked at these for awhile and finally tried it and I am glad I pulled the trigger on one. Very easy to use.

This is just the starter Kit. You need more

By Jeff S. on Feb 06, 2016
OK, you need to get the riser 90041 and the charging die kit 90995. So it may start off at 35 but once you are finished its $60. It does work and it takes a bit to put it together. Still not a bad price for a smooth powder measure.

I love this Lee case actuated powder measure.

By Joseph B. on Jan 21, 2016
This powder measure rocks ! Smooth operation , does not leak fine powder like H110, and throws accurate powder charges. I like it as much as my Lyman 55 that I have been using for 47 years. Hope it last as long.
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