MAGTECH BULLET 38c 158gr LRN 100/bag 10/cs

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MAGTECH BULLET 38c 158gr LRN 100/bag 10/cs
MAGTECH BULLET 38c 158gr LRN 100/bag 10/cs
MAGTECH BULLET 38c 158gr LRN 100/bag 10/cs
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Product Information


Magtech Lead Round Nose bullets are made of 100% lead and are perfect for target shooting and plinking.  This economical bullet is designed to provide positive functioning in most guns.  This is not loaded ammunition.


WARNING: This product can expose you to Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to -

Read 28 Reviews - Average Rating: 5 stars

MAGTECH BULLET 38c 158gr LRN 100/bag

By Glenn F. on Jul 13, 2020
I have been using these bullets from Graf's for several years. Great value and good quality. Will continue buying them.

Magtech Bullet

By Michael D. on Jun 22, 2020
Excellent shooting bullets, no leading problems with my model 15 S&W

Economic bullet for 38 Spcl plinking ammo

By Kevin T. on Jun 22, 2020
Great for 38 Special plinking rounds. Price is right!! Will order again!!

Well worth it!

By John R. on Apr 15, 2020
Randomly chosen projectiles measured within spec. Loaded easily and didn't seem to really lead up the barrel too bad. Great value for practice and back-up ammo during ammo shortages as well. Would definitely recommend.

158gr. LRN Great and Accurate!

By Thomas G. on Mar 13, 2020
I load these at a slow target speed and they are very accurate. Leading only started when I increased velocity with no change in their great accuracy. So I'll just keep them slow and order more.

Distinguished bullet.

By Chris G. on Mar 11, 2020
Load for distinguished matches. Excellent accuracy.

Cheap lead

By Justin H. on Mar 02, 2020
Can’t beat the price when you shoot a lot

The classic 158 gr. LRN .38

By Matthew H. on Feb 23, 2020
These are clean loading and shooting. Excellent plinking and casual target shooting fodder for my Model 10. I use titegroup to push them to 800 fps, and have noticed no appreciable leading after several hundred rounds fired. I sure hope the supply of these remains constant, as the quality can't be beat for such a low-priced round.

Great buy

By Adam D. on Feb 07, 2020
Hard to find cheaper 38 bullets.

great bullet for any kind of shooting

By Ira P. on Jan 16, 2020
this is the first time i have used these bullets, and they were great, i will surely buy again, worked great in my model 37 air weight S&W.

Throw lead

By Shawn P. on Oct 16, 2019
It's lead. It loads. It shoots. It's cheap. No need to make it complicated.

Mag Tech 38 SPL

By Joe G. on Jul 18, 2019
Going to powder coat these then load them up. Great price as well!

MagTech 158gr. round nose lead bullet

By Ronald W. on Jul 11, 2019
I purchased this bullet the first time due to the low per -bullet price, but have purchased them again because they loaded very cleanly in my target reloads. The lube does not gum up my dies and the bullets do not lead the barrel at target speeds. Great for plinking.

Great price on a quality swaged bullet

By Chase T. on May 07, 2019
I've been playing around with a bunch of different bullet types and style in the 38, and this one really rounds all the bases- good lube, easy to load, great price, and accurate in my Model 14!

Great Value

By Matthew M. on Apr 30, 2019
Good bullets, great price, definitely will buy more!

Magtech 38 lead bullet

By Dennis B. on Apr 15, 2019
Great bullet for the 38 special, & very good price!

Excellent bullet

By Lawrence S. on Apr 08, 2019
Easy to reload and easy on the wallet. Bought 4000 so far and may need to buy more before their sold out.

Great bullets

By Scotty T. on Mar 31, 2019
These concave base bullets are a softer alloy for 38 special velocities. They're an excellent target bullet which I've used in the past. I ordered these because of the low cost and am about to order more. Just don't load them to plus p or magnum velocities and you won't have any problems with leading.

Excellent bullet!

By Cornelius M. on Mar 11, 2019
Great price I will buy more

Great practice bullet

By Vincent m C. on Jan 03, 2019
These hollow base bullets are very good for practice. Just remember to drive them no faster than hollow base wadcutter bullets.

Magtech lead roundnose bullets

By Daniel G. on Nov 19, 2018
Very good bullet for the price. Easy to load.
I think they are very accurate. l really like the way
they perform at moderate velocity. I will buy these

Excellent Value

By Raymond K. on Oct 31, 2018
Great for plinking and informal target practice though surprisingly accurate. I treated them with a light coat of Lee Liquid Lube and let dry overnight for added lubricity. Great deal at this sale price.

Great deal

By Benjamin W. on Oct 26, 2018
Great deal at this price. Just using them for 38 special plinking loads so these work perfect and meet my standards for that purpose (cheap and functional).

Excellent Service/Price

By Brandon E. on Oct 09, 2018
This is my second order of these bullets, shoot great in all my 357s.

Excellent 38/357 Target Bullets

By Bruce F. on Sep 27, 2018
I'm loading these for my 357 magnum with H110
powder. They load smooth as silk in my Dillon 550
press and they straight and accurate with no problems. Once I load up these 800 I will be buying.
Graf's price, service and shipping where excellent as it always is!

Great rounds for target shooting!

By Thomas B. on Sep 05, 2018
These Magtech LRN bullets load nicely and shoot well. They are affordable and convenient for simple target practice. I like the way they work and will be buying more. Oh! I already have purchased more.

Good product, good price and good delivery!

Excellent target bullet!

By Kevin K. on Aug 24, 2018
I have been using these for about a year. I have loaded lots of them over Trail Boss( i get just under 800 fps). No leading in my Blackhawk or LCR, and very accurate. Nothing fancy, just an old school looking, great performing bullet!

Great 38 Special Target bullet!

By Kevin K. on Aug 24, 2018
You cannot beat the price, but I will add that these performed superbly in my Blackhawk and LCR. They make a great target load over X grains of trail boss. No leading in either of my rigs. Surprisingly accurate. They load up nicely too. I am making a lot of these!
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